Understanding Ptosis & Breast Lift Corrections

Sagging or droopy breasts is an issue that many women have as part of the natural aging process. Many have mistakenly believed in the past that nursing after childbirth increased sagging or that the breast offered insufficient support and that wearing a bra would prevent sagging.  Ptosis, also referred to as drooping skin, is a technical phrase to describe when breasts sag. However this issue can be corrected or reversed through breast lift surgery.

Ptosis of the breast is influenced by heredity, which determines a woman’s skin elasticity, breast size, and the balance of adipose and glandular tissue. Weight gain and the subsequent increase in breast size and skin elasticity can also contribute to Ptosis.

Under a more severe level of Ptosis, which is classified as Grade II Ptosis (or second degree Ptosis), a patient’s breasts’ areolae have dropped down below the level of the inframmary fold (the area of the body where the ribcage and breast connects). In such circumstances, the nipples in such patients are between one and three centimeters below the fold, and below the areolae, there is typically no breast tissue (this sub-areolar tissue is referred to as the lower pole tissue). In the most advanced stage, the nipples are below the fold and point towards the ground.

Regardless of a patient’s Ptosis grade, breast lift surgery by Breast Enlargement Chicago, lead by Chief Surgeon Dr. Otto Placik, can help correct the issue. Contact Breast Enlargement Chicago to learn more about the breast lift procedure in greater detail. Dr. Otto Placik is a renowned, board-certified surgeon happy to discuss your individual needs and answer questions relating to your procedure.