Breast Reduction Testimonials

five stars “Dr. Placik and his staff are extremely welcoming and understanding to answer any questions you might have. I absolutely LOVED the doctor and his team. Dr. Placik and his staff were not only amazing, but made me feel so comfortable and secure. I went through with the procedure and the outcome was great! I have never been happier and only wished I had found him earlier. I absolutely one hundred percent recommend Dr. Placik to anyone looking to undergo plastic surgery.”

five stars “I was extremely satisfied with the results from my surgery but I was also satisfied with the staff that was provided. My situation was extremely different than most clients he had to deal with and he was extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. I would recommend Dr. Placik not only because of the amazing results but also the friendly and welcoming environment he provided for me.”

five stars “Dr. Otto J. Placik has a lot of qualified certifications,& is a very skilled & talented Plastic Surgeon. He also has a great staff,that I called anytime to answer my questions before & after my surgery. I would go to him again in the future & also recommend him to my family & friends.”

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