Sleek and Sexy Abs are Possible!

Years of weight loss and gain, pregnancy, age, and genetics all play a considerable role in creating the abs you now have. Both men and women express displeasure with their abdomen region, and they desire a sleeker, sexier, and more contoured mid-section. Unfortunately, diet and exercise don’t always do the trick. You eat right, exercise daily, and still do not achieve the desired results.  Fortunately, there are skilled and experienced plastics surgeons like Dr. Placik who possess the capability to create incredible results for your body through a procedure called abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck

The procedure to contour your mid-section involves removing fat and excess skin and tightening the abdominal muscles. Though a tummy tuck is more extensive than liposuction, some liposuction may also be used during the procedure. The treatment begins with marking the areas to be removed. Your plastic surgeon then makes incisions, pulls down excess skin and removes it, and also removes the underlying fatty tissue and deposits. Sutures may also be used to tighten your abdominal muscles and trim your waist. Several layers of sutures are then used to close the incision and you begin the healing process.

Abdominoplasty may not be the ideal solution for everyone. An ideal candidate should be in good health, have experienced a steady, normal-range weight for at least several months, and have excessive abdominal fat deposits. In addition to being physically healthy, it is equally essential to have healthy aspirations and goals. You should never undergo this procedure if you are doing it for anyone other yourself.  It is also important to have realistic expectations; subsequent to surgery, it is important to eat right, exercise daily, and live a healthy lifestyle. This surgery is merely one of the means to a healthy end result and will not make you healthier all by itself.

In initial conversation with your plastic surgeon is the initial step in finding out if your expectations are realistic. If you ultimately decide to have surgery, Dr. Placik and his staff will give you specific instructions to follow prior to your surgery. Contact our office today for your confidential consultation to learn more about the procedure and to find out if you are an ideal candidate.