Mentor MemoryGel Breast Implants Offer Natural Look and Feel

Patients of Dr. Otto Placik love the look and feel of Mentor MemoryGel breast implants. These implants are used for breast reconstruction and augmentation surgery. MemoryGel implants were used and trusted by women worldwide for 20 years, with recent FDA approval for use in the United States in 2006.

Mentor is a large supplier of aesthetics products to plastic surgeons, including breast implants, lipoplasty equipment for liposuction surgery, and a skincare product line. Their products are made in the United States at their Dallas, Texas facility, and they are used by plastic surgeons including Dr. Placik around the world.

MemoryGel is Mentor’s complete line of round, silicone gel-filled breast implants. Mentor had been analyzing the safety of these implants for 20 years in studies for revision and reconstruction patients. This type of implant contains a proprietary cohesive gel formulation that forms together as a unit rather than acting like a liquid. Liquid gel breast implants often fail to keep their uniformity; MemoryGel implants hold together uniformly for a more natural look that is appreciated by Dr. Placik’s patients.

Why Choose MemoryGel Implants?

One of the most important reasons for selecting MemoryGel implants is the natural appearance and a look that is quite similar to natural breasts.  MemoryGel implants are extremely safe and have been studied extensively. Over 200,000 women have participated in studies conducted by Mentor over the past several years; the product’s safety has been tested and studied extensively.

The implants are available by Dr. Placik in a textured or a smooth shell and also come in a variety of different profiles and sizes to fit each woman’s body and anatomy. Mentor’s MemoryGel implants are less likely to experience implant edge visibility or rippling. Because they are made with three layers of tough silicone outer shell, they are also less likely to rupture than saline breast implants. In the unlikely event of a rupture, the cohesive gel retains its shape and does not leak from the shell.

Mentor breast implants come with a lifetime warranty that offers if needed financial assistance with operating room, surgeon, and anesthesia costs. The choice to get breast implants is very personal, but the selection of which breast implants to use should be based on research. Mentor backs the quality of their products with 20 years of research and production, testimonials from the women who use them, and the many plastic surgeons including Dr. Placik who elect to use them with their patients.