Managing Depression After Breast Augmentation Surgery

It seems reasonable to think that everyone who has plastic surgery, especially breast augmentation surgery, would be happy. However, that is not always the case. Plastic surgery often comes with plenty of stress. The stress of rushing around before the surgery, getting everything done with family and work, preparing for your recovery, can be overwhelming.

Expectations are often high and people are very excited about how they will look. However, it takes time to recover from the surgery and people don’t always look their best for several weeks after the operation. Those beautiful new breasts you were expecting are most likely sore and bruised and sitting unnaturally high on your body.

In addition to post-surgery blues about the look and feel of your new breasts, you have most likely been on a variety of medications for the pain. These medications and painkillers can certainly have an effect on your mental state. 

Because surgery is a traumatic event to your body, many patients suffer from depression, or to put it in medical terms – the post-operative blues!

For most people, this depression begins to disappear as they heal and their breasts begin to look like the breasts of their dreams. However, for some people, depression lingers longer than it should; for these people, it is important to consult your doctor and tell him how you feel.

Here are a few strategies for dealing with depression potential after surgery:

  • Realize that some feelings of depression are normal immediately following surgery. It can happen to individuals who have undergone many different types of surgery, including elective plastic surgery. Try to limit the amount of painkillers you take, and drink plenty of fluids to help speed up the process of eliminating any anesthesia and medication still in your system from the surgery.
  • Don’t hide and become a recluse. Sure, you may not want to go out in busy social situations for some time, but spending time with family and close friends is a sure-fire moral booster. 
  • Do something active. Even though you may not be able to head to the gym for a heavy round of weight lifting, you can most likely go outside for a short walk. Don’t stay inside all day watching soap operas and talk shows.
  • Express yourself and share your feelings. Talk with your spouse, a family member, a friend, a therapist, or your doctor. Just talk and let your feelings out. You will be surprised how common those feelings are.

Depression after surgery, even a surgery as wonderful as breast augmentation surgery, is common. Take steps to manage this depression and it will most likely disappear quickly. If it lingers, make sure to talk with your doctor as soon as possible.