Liposuction Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation for More Natural Looking Results

Liposuction fat transfer breast augmentation is one of the alternatives for women who are seeking breast enlargement. It may sound like a long, complicated procedure, but in fact, it is rather simple. Most people think of implants when they consider breast augmentation, but liposuction fat transfer is a natural alternative to saline or silicone breast implants. In this procedure, liposuction is combined with fat transfer; fat is taken from one area and moved to the breasts, eliminating the need for artificial breast implants.

Because it merely recycles fat from one part of the body to another, and eliminates the need for implants, this procedure is growing in popularity. Newer fat transfer techniques have also made the procedure more successful. In the past, the procedure often resulted in the fat being unintentionally damaged or destroyed. The body would then break down and dispose of the fat through the lymphatic system or the liver. Obviously, this loss of fat after transfer didn’t make for beautiful new breasts in the long term.

More recent fat grafting techniques have resulted in more successful harvesting procedures. Fat can be carefully harvested from one area of the body and then placed in the breasts. Women are able to increase their size by one cup size and achieve long lasting results.

The procedure is a bit more complicated than traditional implant surgery. It takes about five hours to perform and is more of a specialty surgery, as not all plastic surgeons are able to offer this procedure. Finding a doctor, like Dr. Otto Placik in the Chicago area, who has experience with this type of surgery, will ensure the best possible results.

The Benefits of Liposuction Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

  • You are using your body’s own tissue
  • Less chance of rejection or an immune system issue with foreign tissues or items.
  • Minimal scarring
  • More natural looking results
  • No problems with broken or leaking implants
  • You also get the advantages of liposuction in one area of the body 

The Disadvantages of Liposuction Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

  • You can’t go from an A-cup to DD-cup. The increase is generally limited to one cup size.
  • Procedure takes longer
  • Patients must be good candidates for this surgery with enough body fat
  • Potential for some scarring, bruising, and saggy skin due to liposuction

Liposuction fat transfer breast augmentation offers an alternative to women who desire larger breasts, but who are worried about the complications of placing foreign materials in to their bodies. In experienced and talented hands like Dr, Placik’s, a predictable and rewarding result can be achieved with this type of natural breast enlargement.