How Long Will it take For Breast Implants to Drop?

Real breasts droop and it is something that all women dread. However, breast implants drop, and it is something that all women who have had breasts implant surgery wait with eager anticipation for it to happen. Women who have had breast augmentation surgery are eager to look in the mirror at their new assets, however, breast implants are not perfect the moment you leave the hospital. It takes a little time for them to heal properly and settle in to position.

When Will Your Breasts Drop?

Immediately subsequent to surgery, your breasts will be sitting high on your chest. They will appear and feel very unnatural. However, before you get frustrated and run back to the surgeon to complain, it is important to remember that it normal and takes time for your breasts to drop into place.

How long will it take for your breasts to drop? It usually takes a few weeks, but the time can vary depending on several factors.

  • The size of the breast implant makes a difference. Bigger implants will generally take longer to settle.
  • The size of you body can also make a difference. For women with smaller frames, it will take longer for her breasts to drop into the perfect position.
  • The placement of the breasts is another factor. If the breast implants are placed over the muscle, the time it takes for them to settle is less than if they are placed under the muscle.

Another issue that scares some women is that one breast may drop before the other one. This is perfectly natural, and though it may appear awkward and unsightly for a short time, the other one will soon drop and then you will look perfectly normal.

One way to get the breast implants to drop faster is to use massage. There are different ways to massage your chest, but most methods involve squeezing the pocket beneath the breast to make it wider and easier for the breast drop into position. Ask your doctor about proper massage techniques as this is a good way to speed up the process.

The most important thing to worry about in the first few weeks after surgery is not the placement of the implants on your chest, but the scars. It is very important to follow your doctor’s advice concerning exercise, heavy lifting, rest, and keeping your skin moisturized. Following your doctor’s advice will ensure minimal scarring and proper healing.

Taking care of your breast implants immediately after surgery and following your doctor’s advice will ensure the best possible results. Have patience and you will soon be able to look in the mirror and say “Wow!”