Gynecomastia – Getting Rid of Male Breasts with Breast Reduction Surgery

When someone mentions breast reduction surgery, images of overly-endowed women immediately come to mind. However, breast reduction surgery is not just for women. Some men need it, too!

Enlarged breasts on men happen for various reasons. It can occur because of hormonal disturbances, excessive weight gain,or other health issues. It is often triggered by the decrease in the amount of testosterone compared with estrogen. This hormonal change can happen because of aging, medications, weight gain, or excessive drug or alcohol use.

Though men are rather fond of breasts, they certainly don’t want them on their own bodies. Many cases of gynecomastia regress if given time, however, if significant breast enlargement is still evident after following a physician’s advice (lose weight, stop taking certain medications, etc.), then your doctor may recommend breast reduction surgery. The surgery takes about sixty to ninety minutes and is performed under a general anesthesia. Most patients are discharged from the hospital with a day, though it is usually at least two weeks before a return to work is recommended.

There are two basic options available when undergoing breast reduction surgery:

  • Liposuction. This type of surgery removes the breast fat, but not the breast gland.
  • Mastectomy. This procedure removes the breast gland tissue. This type of surgery is usually performed endoscopically, which means only small incisions are used to remove the tissue.

After the surgery is complete, it takes about four weeks to heal completely, though recovery times may vary. As with any surgery, the scars may never completely disappear. The results of this surgery last for a long period of time. It is likely you will never have an issue with enlarged breasts.

If you think you have excess breast tissue, you can take steps to try and reduce it yourself. Begin by eating healthy, reducing any excess alcohol intake. If you take any illegal drugs (including steroids), stop taking them immediately. You should also find out if any medications you are taking could cause gynecomastia. Starting an exercise program is another way to reduce excess breast tissue, lose weight, and build muscle.

If none of these lifestyle changes work, you should have a consultation with a physician. You doctor can advise you on the best course of action, and inform you if breast reduction surgery is the best course of action. Enlarged breast tissue is a very sensitive and uncomfortable problem for men. If needed, get some counseling, reach out to friends and family, talk to others with gynecomastia, and definitely consult with your physician.