8 Reasons Women are Happy With Breast Augmentation

goirlBreast augmentation, or breast enlargement, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. Though the number of breast lift surgeries is growing faster, breast augmentation is still by far the most popular surgery performed on women. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 300,000 women received breast enlargement surgery in 2011, and the number grows each year. This number shows that women want to feel confident about their breasts and their bodies.

Women get breast augmentation surgery for many reasons. Every woman has their reasons for spending the money and getting on the surgical table. Here are the Top 8 reasons women are happy with their breast augmentation surgery.

Top 8 Reasons Women Get Breast Augmentation Surgery

1. Having fuller, larger breasts will make the waist and hips look smaller. Bigger breasts means a few extra pounds won’t show as easily. Getting breast augmentation surgery doesn’t mean you can chow down on chocolate and fast food every day, but a larger bosom does well to hide a few diet mistakes.

2. Clothes often look better with bigger breasts. Sweaters show more curves, low-cut tops reveal more ample cleavage, and women look more feminine even when dressed in casual attire.

3. What woman doesn’t look better in a bathing suit when her breasts are fuller and larger? Women are more confident going to the beach in a two-piece or a sexy one-piece when she feels good about the size and contour of her breasts.

4. Self confidence is increased in all aspects of a woman’s life. Breasts don’t make the woman and size shouldn’t matter that much. But, size certainly does matter to some women and how they feel about themselves. Bigger is better for many women.

5. You can throw out those padded bras. It’s certainly much better without all that padding beneath your blouse. After breast augmentation surgery, there will be no need for any extra inside your bra – there won’t be room!

6. A woman will look and feel more youthful after breast enlargement surgery. Saggy, deflated breasts are often a sign of aging. Breast augmentation will take years off a woman’s appearance.

7. Breast augmentation surgery can help a woman claim the beautiful breasts she may have had before pregnancy, but nursing can cause breast to flatten and sag. Surgery will give her the breasts she once had and make her feel sexy and attractive again.

8. Men like bigger breasts. It’s not the only thing that matters in the world, but most women enjoy it when a man turns his head to look as she passes by. Bigger breasts make woman more attractive and desirable to the opposite sex. Besides, if you are with that special someone, you will feel more confident if the clothes come off!